Barry Law Firm: Does your lawyer speak tech?

Barry Law is known for exacting and rapid client service, from quickly returning emails, to producing successful, quality outcomes in a rapid timeframe. Just ask our clients.  Our practice is about technology.  Technology lies at the core of every one of our practice areas.  Understanding the interrelationship between computer and Internet technology and areas such as contracting, compliance, intellectual property, and even general corporate law,  is essential to providing the correct legal advice to our clients.  Barry Law Firm was founded by an Internet pioneer who has been involved with Internet technology since 1984, before it even became known as the Internet.  She co-founded the company that created the first Internet applications suite on the Macintosh platform.  That was in 1988, before the advent of the World Wide Web.  That is the type of visionary outlook your company needs to get the most out of doing business in an interconnected world.

Of course, this connectivity has come with its own legal issues.  Barry Law Firm helps you navigate the fast-changing landscape, where rules can change literally overnight.  Intellectual Property, Data Privacy, Contractual Compliance and Cybersecurity are all matters to be addressed in everyday business.  If you’re a technology company, you already know that technical knowledge plays a prominent role in government and commercial contracts.  When compliance makes the difference between keeping and losing business (and sometimes losing more than business), turn to Barry Law Firm.   Barry Law ‘s value added approach provides a unique blend of legal advice and consulting services.  This approach creates expanded capabilities for our clients, bringing the consulting personnel power of an Economically Disadvantaged Woman Owned Small Business together with expert contracting advice beginning at the business strategy stage, extending through proposals, contract negotiations, staffing and implementation, compliance, modifications, equitable adjustments and close out procedures.  We can act as Prime Contractors for EDWOSB, WOSB or small business set-asides, subcontractors with legal, administrative and technology value adds, or as legal or consulting advisors.  The unique capabilities and flexibilities of Barry Law can drive your core competencies to the next level.

Barry Law Firm is experienced in all forms of technology law, including corporate and complex transactional matters.  We bring extensive understanding of current technology across several disciplines to all of your legal matters.  Barry Law provides expert analysis, interpretation, risk mitigation, and negotiation of all government and commercial contracts.  The firm also has extensive technical knowledge of Internet security and privacy issues, including Cyber Security and encryption, as well as other aspects of technology law.